WP16: My Birthday Party

For this week’s weekly post, I will be writing about my birthday party! After many change, I took some friends to a cabin in Arnold.

First, I was going to go camping and boating at Lake Berryessa, but it was supposed to rain, then I was going to go to a hotel, but they didn’t have conjoining rooms, and finally we decided on the cabin in Arnold.

When we first got to Arnold, we had lunch. After that, we played a game called Quelf. Next, we went on a scavenger hunt, and played hide and go seek outside. It started raining when we were playing hide and go seek, but we stayed outside anyways. When we were out there, we saw two deer run by!  We were out there for a few hours, until we all got too cold. It started hailing as soon as we went inside. After we went inside, we got into pajamas, took pictures, ate dinner, and many more. We stayed up until 2:30 just talking, (some people singing).

The next morning, we got up, ate breakfast, packed the car, and got ready to leave. The first car to go was my dad’s car. When he pulled out, he ran right into a tree and the bumper of the car became slightly detached. After we sorted that out, we left to go home.

Overall, I had a great party!


arnold map




SBC10: Time to Say Goodbye (part 2)

For the second part of this week’s Student Blogging Challenge post, I will be evaluating the actual Student Blogging Challenge with specific questions and answers below.

  • What was the most interesting challenge for you? For me, the most interesting challenge was the Earth Hour post because it was cool to see how so many people are doing amazing things to try to help the Earth. I did a post about a plastic ban, and it was awesome to see how it could make a positive impact on so many things.
  • How often have you visited other blogs and left comments? I commented on and visited other blogs quite frequently, although most of them were the ones on my blogroll, the people on their blogroll, and my classmate’s blogs.
  • Did you read the challenge flipboard magazine? I read some of the posts on the flipboard magazine, but not all of them. I kept looking until I saw some of my classmates.
  • What is a PMI (plus, minus, or interest) about the Student Blogging Challenge? For me, a plus was that I got visits from many different places on the Earth. A minus was that the research posts were sometimes boring and uninteresting to me. An interest from the challenge was that I had a mentor! I never communicated with him, but I was glad that I had someone to reach out to if I needed it.
  • What was the most important thing you learned while doing the challenge? The most important thing I learned while doing that challenge was not necessarily important to school, but I loved learning about how different things were in other places of the world.

Thank you for reading and goodbye to the Student Blogging Challenge!

SBC10: Time to Say Goodbye (blog evaluation)

This is the last week for the Student Blogging Challenge! For this week’s Student Blogging Challenge, I will be evaluating my blog!

Here are the questions for my blog evaluation:

  • How many posts did you write? I wrote 11 SBC posts (including this one) and 35 posts overall (including this one).
  • How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge? All of my posts were either school based or set by the challenge, but I wrote about my interests in the posts that were required.
  • How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students? I received comments from 2 comments from teachers, 7 comments from classmates, and 4 comments from overseas students.
  • Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened? The post of mine that got the most comments was a post about my favorite composers and songs (Click here to go to the post). I think this happened because I was replying to my classmate’s and teacher’s comments.
  • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why? I enjoyed writing a post with my classmates (before the challenge) about the beginning of a story and having readers finish it. I liked this because it involved the reader and it was cool for me to see who put the ending closest to how I would’ve written it.
  • Did you change your blog themes at all and why? I changed my blog theme twice because the first blog theme I had looked like default to me, so I changed it to a picture of an animal at the sanctuary. I liked how it included what I wrote about,  but I didn’t like the layout of the blog. I then changed it to the one that I have now and I like it a lot!
  • How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough? I have no overseas students on my blogroll, but I have students in other countries such as Canada.
  • Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog? I used a website call PIcmonkey to make a collage on one of my posts. I didn’t use many web tools because I used my own photos most of the time.

Overall, I enjoyed having a blog. Thanks for reading!


WP15: My 13th Birthday

For this week’s weekly post, I will be talking about my 13th birthday.

I turned 13 on Friday the 13th, so it was my golden birthday. A golden birthday is supposed to be a lucky birthday, but Friday the 13th is an unlucky day, so it was a mixture of bad a good.

To start with the good, after school on Friday, I went to Pier 39 in San Francisco with my friends.  On Saturday, I had a sleepover with another friend, and on Sunday, I had a piano recital. I got an iPhone 6 for my birthday and a new bed set because I am redoing my room. For the bad, my sister was wished happy birthday by family members more than once because they forgot that it was actually my birthday. I even tried to make a cake, but it got stuck in the pan and it crumbled all over the place. Another bad thing is that a camping trip with my friends might have to be cancelled because it is supposed to rain!

Overall it was a pretty good birthday, but there were some pretty bad things about it too.

happy birthday


SBC9: My Future

For this week’s student blogging challenge, I will be writing about how I think my future will be. In order to have a happy future, you should find time to find out what you like. I have found out that I love playing the piano, drawing, and helping people and animals. I could base my future on these ideas. Remember to think of a career that interests you and not just something that others want you to do. It’s your future, not their’s.

I want to work as a doctor or vet because i enjoy helping other people and animals. A lot of my family has severe medical issues as well, so being a doctor could help me understand where they come from and why they got them. In my free time, I will continue playing the piano and drawing, so that way I won’t forget the things that I love now.

I do not know where I want to live when I am older, but I want to live somewhere near the beach.

A good plan helps out a good future, but you will need to be flexible. I am happy with the ideas above, but I am willing to change them as my interests change over time.

I got some of this information from http://www.wikihow.com/Plan-For-a-Successful-Future and https://mappingyourfuture.org/planyourcareer/plan.cfmmy future collage




WP14: American Sign Language

For this week’s weekly post, I will be writing about something completely different than usual. Instead of the sanctuary, I will be talking about American Sign Language (ASL).

ASL is used by many people, such as def and mute people, to communicate. Although it is used for these people, many other people use it as a hobby. I have started to learn ASL this week with my friend, Tori (Check out her blog here).  So far, we have learned the alphabet and a few phrases. Some of these phrases include “I play the piano”, “I’m bored”, and “good morning.” There are many symbols for letters, numbers, words, and phrases, just like English, but with your hands.

There are some kids in our school that know sign language. I decided to learn it so that way I could communicate with them.

asl alphabet

SBC8: Commenting This Week

For the week’s Student Blogging Challenge, I will be writing about the comments I have been giving and receiving throughout the week.

I have enjoyed receiving comments from people in my blogroll and some new people. I liked finding blog posts that I liked and interacting and talking to the people who made them.

The thing I found annoying about commenting is that people, including myself, may have seemed to only comment in order to get more visits to their blog. I think that some comments seem like the person had no interest in the actual bog post, but were only doing it because they had to for a grade.

I have found interesting blog posts to comment on. I commented on blog posts about avatars, and many others that I liked.

My posts are getting some quality comments, although most of them are from the same people who are in my blog roll.

Overall, the commenting was not too bad. Enjoy!

WP13: R.I.P. Makena

MakenaHello world! For this week’s weekly post, I will be writing about my dog Makena. She joined my family before I did, just after my parents got married. Makena was a Brittney Spaniel/ Cocker Spaniel mix.

When Makena was young, she was hit by a car and got her back legs replaced with metal legs. Her doctor predicted that she would never run or jump again, but up until her last few days, she ran like the wind and jumped as much as she pleased. Makena was a great dog. She got along with other dogs, cats, and people.


Makena’s breed generally lives to be 9 years old, but due to her accident, she was predicted to not live past 7. She ended up living to be 16 years old and she would turn 17 on May 5. We had to put her down because she was very old and she could no longer get herself up to walk.

It was a very sad event for my family, but it is good that she is not suffering anymore. R.I.P. Makena!


SBC7: Monopoly’s History

Monopoly is a very popular game! For this week’s Student Blogging Challenge, I will be writing about the history of the very famous board game, Monopoly!

The game Monopoly was created in the United States of America in the year of 1903. This game was created to show how wealth is rewarded in an economy and supported Henry George’s, the creator’s, idea of taxation. The version that is popular now was created by Hasbro.

Monopoly is a game that brings my family together. What game brings your family together?

monopoly dudeps://www.flickr.com/photos/mittromneys/6637895981

This is the Monopoly Cartoon Logo.

WP11: Spirited Sanctuary’s Molly

For this week’s weekly post, I will be writing about Spirited Sanctuary’s first rescue, Molly! Molly is an old horse who was not wanted any longer. Molly is a brown horse with a big dip in her back due to old age and being ridden a lot.

When she first got to the sanctuary, she was doing good in her health. She loves her new home! After a long time of being loved and living healthy, she got sick. She has a condition where she has sand in her stomach, so she is on a special diet. After she recovered, she went back to living happily.

Now she shares an area to live with two other horses who I have written about before named Jaxx and Appy. They enjoy living together and being included with each other.

For more information on Molly or any of the other animals at Spirited Sanctuary, look up Spirited Sanctuary on Facebook or Instagram!

molly and Domo This is Molly and Domo, a little boy who                                                                                    lives on the ranch

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